How to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can give anyone the instant satisfaction of having longer, fuller eyelashes, but removing them can be a tricky process. It's important to remember that proper removal involves dissolving the adhesive for the eyelashes, not painfully plucking them. If you're trying to speed up the emergency process, try taking a hot shower. This will help loosen straggly lashes that still hold on to the lash line for life.

It's also important to keep your hands away from your eyelashes for optimal results. Never cut your eyelashes or remove your eyelash extensions. Choosing them will only damage your natural lashes, and your extensions will eventually grow and shed with your natural eyelash cycle. Using a professional glue remover for eyelash extensions is the safest way to remove them.

This thick-consistency cream-shaped remover is easy to apply and adapts very well to eyelashes without coming into contact with eyes or skin. Gels are usually a little stronger and remove all extensions and remaining glue. It is also possible to remove eyelash extensions at home, with natural ingredients, but it requires a lot of patients and you have to be very careful. Natural oils can break the adhesion of eyelash glue, but these oils aren't strong enough to effectively remove eyelash extensions.

Removing your own eyelash extensions with olive oil, coconut oil, or any other type of OTC product is not recommended. If you MUST use eyelash remover to remove your extensions, use a thick cream-based eyelash glue remover and DON'T do it yourself. Removing eyelash extensions should be done by a professional if you want to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes. Professional glue remover for eyelash extensions is made to have a thick consistency that is only applied to eyelashes and formulated with very strong materials that dissolve glue and can be dangerous if it comes into contact with the eyes.

Armando Dunivan
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