What to Do When Your Eyelash Lift Doesn't Work

When you have a barrier such as mascara, dirt, dust or oils, this will prevent the eyelash lift solution from being properly absorbed, resulting in poor lifts. This could be the problem if the eyelash lift only worked on one eye and not the other; maybe one eye had makeup or oils left over. If you think you've applied too much adhesive, you can use a Y-shaped comb to remove the excess and separate the lashes. The good news is that this can be easily fixed. All you have to do is rub your lashes with a cleanser, apply a nourishing lotion and, to remove the glue from the eyelid, run a warm, damp cotton swab over the eyelid several times to help release the glue.

And you'll be good to go. Before starting an eyelash lift service, it's important to ensure that customers come with clean tabs. Cleaning the eyelashes as much as possible is essential for successful results. Using a good eyelash extension cleaner to remove dirt, grease, and build-up will ensure you have a clean slate and fresh slate to work with. Most of the time, even if the customer comes with clean eyelashes, it's best practice to wash them anyway.

You never know what oil-based cleaner they're using. After a good cleaning, you can start the service, or you can use an eyelash base to prepare them further. This will eliminate any remaining stealth oils. Now here's a key tip: if your eyelashes aren't clean, if they have dirt and oil, the solutions may not penetrate all layers of dirt and oil and break disulfide bonds. If you have eyelash extensions on, make sure to remove them completely before your appointment, or else, you may not be able to do the eyelash lift.

Secondly, when applying the lifting lotion, they will not be able to keep it confined to the middle of the eyelashes. You act as if it were nothing and pray in silence that, when they open their eyes after brushing their lashes a few more times, they will magically rise. If they feel brittle to the touch or start to break, that's another sign that the eyelash lift didn't work. Even though your lashes look great immediately after the appointment, they're still fragile and delicate as they sit in their new raised, curly position throughout the first day after the appointment. If you look in the mirror after your eyelash lift and notice that some of your lashes are curlier than others or that some aren't curled at all, it's obvious that your eyelash lift didn't work. Over time I've learned a few things that require extra care to achieve an ideal eyelash lift, especially if you do it alone. If the eyelash lift didn't work at all or you didn't get expected results, you can ask your eyelash artist to do another mini-lift for half the processing time.

Some people lift their eyelashes poorly because of their bodies' natural reaction to chemicals and to the process in general. Whether you're new to eyelash lifting or an experienced professional, knowing how to remedy a bad eyelash stretch makes a big difference. The best way to know that the eyelash lift didn't work is if you don't notice any difference in your lashes. There's more than one way an eyelash lift can go wrong and thankfully there's also more than one solution for a bad eyelash stretch. It is very important that the eyelash artist uses the right size rod to perform the eyelash lift; otherwise, stretching may not work. Cleaning your lashes before going for an eyelash lift is essential as any mascara or makeup residue on your lashes can prevent relaxing lotion from working properly.

Like a perm for hair or lashes, eyelash tightening is achieved by applying chemicals and a curling tool.

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