How Often Should You Get an Eyelash Extension Filler?

Eyelash extension fillers are a great way to keep your lashes looking full and fabulous. They are simply new eyelashes that are placed over your natural eyelashes when the old ones are about to fall out. Ideally, your client should come every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean longer treatment time, as more eyelashes will need to be filled in. Therefore, to maintain a full and voluminous look, it is recommended to get a lash filler every three weeks on average.

There are several factors that can cause these extensions to come off prematurely. Your individual eyelash growth cycle will largely decide how much time you have before you need to fill in your eyelashes. However, on average, eyelash fillers will last two to three weeks. Other factors such as the care taken with the extensions and the type of extensions used can also affect how long they last.

When treated with care, a set of eyelash extensions usually lasts around 6 weeks, and refills are done after 2 weeks. Without refills, a set of eyelashes will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks. You can get a new set of eyelashes immediately after removing the old eyelash extension. It is important to understand the growth cycle of your eyelashes so that you can plan accordingly for refills. Everyone loses 2 to 5 natural eyelashes every day.

That's why you have to fill them up so that they stay full. When an eyelash extension falls out, there should be only one natural eyelash attached to it. This is totally normal and will happen almost every day. Eyelashes have a fairly rapid growth cycle, which is around 90 days, depending on the age and health of the eyelashes. If you like completely plump and voluminous eyelashes without a scant patch in sight, you may need to fill in your eyelashes more frequently.

An eyelash filler doesn't cover the entire lash line, but it does fill in the gaps where the eyelash extensions may have fallen out. A good eyelash filler can breathe new life into a set of worn out extensions and keep your lashes looking fabulous. This is completely normal, and maintaining a regular and timely routine of alternating between full sets and refills will ensure that your eyelashes always look their best. If you're one of those people who don't mind the occasional shortage, or if you don't need eyelash extensions to be so close together, you can go untreated for longer. Once the natural eyelash has grown several mm, the extension will be replaced by a longer one during filling. As long as you follow the time guidelines between a full set and a refill appointment, your eyelashes should have a density between 70 and 100% or more compared to a full set after this appointment.

The technician will have to find the gaps, remove the existing extensions that are falling out, and clean the eyelashes as they go. The total cost will not only depend on your individual eyelashes, but also on the salon and technician you decide to go to. Your specialist will be able to treat any extensions that appear to be falling or about to fall out, which will also help the health of your natural eyelashes. It may also be a good idea to look at before and after photos or view a gallery of clients with their finished eyelash treatments. The details of the procedure will often depend on the look you want, your specific eyelash growth cycle, and your technician.

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