Can Fake Eyelashes Be Too Long? A Guide to Trimming Eyelash Extensions

False eyelashes can be a great way to enhance your style and make it look like you're wearing mascara or false eyelashes when you're not wearing any makeup. However, there is a chance that you may have too long eyelashes, which can cause discomfort or irritation. To prevent this, it is important to trim the extensions to fit the shape and length of the eyes. If your lashes seem too long, use small eyelash scissors to cut a few locks from the outer edge.

You can also get a new pair of false eyelashes, preferably a shorter size or a natural looking one. It is important to never try to cut your eyelash extensions while they are in your eye, as you could cut your own eyelashes and permanently damage them. To trim false eyelash extensions, you'll need nothing more than tweezers (with sharp tips) and small scissors. Hold the tweezers horizontally to isolate the eyelash fibers once you're ready to cut the false eyelash extensions to shape them.

Finally, check the length with a ruler or adhesive tape and you'll know the length of your eyelash extensions. When trimming false eyelashes, it is important to do so carefully and not use scissors to cut the same length, but inward, towards the strip of eyelashes, to make them look more natural. Curling destroys the bond created by the glue, so it is better to trim the eyelashes than to fold them. If you wear glasses, long lashes can often get stuck against your glasses and feel weird on your eyes after a while.

For women who have the opposite problem of having too short lashes, Surratt suggests using an eyelash curler and a few layers of lengthening mascara (her favorites are Precious Cells by Lancôme Définicils and Ultraflesh Panthera). Overall, it is important to remember that false eyelashes are longer than natural ones and that trimming them unevenly can cause them to become blunt, weird or simply terrible, thus losing their beauty. If you want to fix your too long eyelash extensions, try asking for a different length at your next appointment or removing your eyelash extensions at home.

Armando Dunivan
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