Is classic or volume lashes better?

The classic one is the ideal option if you are looking for a more natural look that gives you beautiful and longer eyelashes. This style of whiplash is the one that has been around the longest and can be done faster than volume styles, especially if the technician has a lot of experience. Volumized eyelashes are lighter, fluffier and give the customer a fuller appearance. Volume eyelashes are perfect for customers who don't have a lot of eyelashes, have sparse eyelashes, bald spots, or who simply want a more spectacular look without having to use thicker eyelashes.

Bulky eyelashes require a higher level of skill and investment of time on the part of the technician, since the fans are previously manufactured by hand. If you're new to the world of eyelash extensions, different terms are used for different techniques that you should understand. It all comes down to whether you prefer a more spectacular eyelash look or you prefer soft, natural-looking lashes. For customers who want a lash line with a little more volume but not as complete as volume extensions, this technique will provide the perfect balance.

Hybrid eyelashes are a mix of classic and voluminous eyelashes to create a more complete set for those with thinner natural eyelashes or for those who want a denser classic set. Fans also wrap around the base of the natural eyelashes, so the lash line is darker and generally the retention is better than with classic eyelashes. Volume eyelash extensions range from an extremely natural look, which adds some length and volume (2D and 3D eyelashes), to a very spectacular and complete look (5D more). Here's a brief summary of the difference in appearance between classic eyelash extensions and volume extensions.

Classic eyelashes require little preparation, so they are a much cheaper option if the budget is important to your client. Russian Volume fans are handmade by your eyelash stylist before applying them immediately to your natural eyelashes. All Wisp Lash Lounge eyelash extension sets are uniquely designed to complement the natural shape of your eyes and eyebrows. The classic application of eyelash extensions usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete and the results should be smooth and natural-looking.

Volume eyelash extensions range from a natural look, which adds some length and volume, to a very spectacular and complete look.

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