When is the Best Time to Get Eyelash Extensions Before Your Wedding?

If you're getting married soon and want to look your best, you may be considering getting eyelash extensions. But when is the best time to get them? It's important to consider time when scheduling appointments to fill in your lashes as part of your pre-wedding beauty plan. I recommend doing them two or three days before the wedding, Emma instructs. This will also give you the perfect opportunity to lie down with your eyes closed for an hour or two, which can only be good if the occasion approaches.

You don't need to worry about this because your lashes should never be lost when you apply your eyelash extensions. If you end up curling your lashes with an eyelash curler, Richardson recommends the type that warms your lashes like a miniature curling iron, such as the Envious Lashes heated eyelash curler. Of course, giving up a coat of mascara and an eyelash curler doesn't seem like it's going to have much of an impact on your morning, but you underestimate the influence that thick, luscious lashes have on your appearance. Ramy Gafni, famous makeup and eyebrow guru, advises opting for extensions that align with the shape of existing lashes, rather than extra long and spectacular lashes.

If you wanted to try out eyelash extensions, there's no better time than before your wedding to try this popular beauty trend. False eyelashes are tried and true, and they'll help you achieve the lash-eyelash look you're looking for on your wedding day in the same way that eyelash extensions do. Alternatively, you can read a full article here “7 tips to make your eyelash extensions last longer”. However, false eyelashes are a great alternative option if you try eyelash extensions and hate them, or you just don't think they're right for you. Eyelash extensions can be the key to making you feel well-groomed and perfect for all these events, without much effort on your part.

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