Can You Exercise with Eyelash Extensions? A Guide to Keeping Your Lashes Intact

Exercising with eyelash extensions is safe and won't have a negative impact on your retention, as long as you wait four hours after your appointment before working out. This waiting period allows the eyelash adhesive to fully cure. Let's explore the link between this healing process and your exercise routine. Sweat is a combination of water, salts, and oil.

It's impossible to avoid sweating while exercising, but if this sweat comes into contact with the eyelash extensions during the healing period, the extensions will come off prematurely. To ensure your eyelash extensions last as long as possible, follow this golden rule without fail. You can do light exercises while wearing eyelash extensions, but wait four hours after application. This is the ideal waiting period that allows the eyelash adhesive to fully cure and won't affect retention.

However, it's best to ask your beautician what the ideal drying times are. After 24 hours, it's completely safe to work out with your extensions. We recommend cleaning your eyelashes very well after exercising to remove sweat from them. Find out how to clean your eyelashes here.

Your eyelash artist will likely tell you to avoid showering and washing your face within 24 hours, anything that could wet your eyelashes. The same rule applies to sweat. Sweating within 24 hours after applying eyelashes can affect retention. If you must work out that day, choose an activity that doesn't make you sweat and doesn't require showering afterwards, such as yoga or walking.

The LashX cleanser has an aloe base, so it really helps protect against anything that could dry out your eyelashes. If you've invested a lot of money in your eyelash extensions, the last thing you want to do is ruin them a few days after exercising with them on. As you know, if you currently have eyelash extensions, you won't be able to wet them for 24 hours after you've done them. For the first 24 hours after putting on your eyelash extensions, your beautician may recommend that you avoid bathing, coming in contact with water, or washing your face.

After 24 hours, the eyelash adhesive successfully completes the bond between the eyelash and the extensions. Therefore, it extends the life of false eyelashes in addition to keeping them clean and preventing overexertion. When choosing a cleanser for your lashes, look at its ingredients; foaming cleansers are usually made with detergents that can dry out your eyelashes even more. The sealer acts as a barrier between the eyelash adhesive and sweat, preventing the eyelash extensions from falling out.

You should wash your eyelashes with an oil-free cleanser immediately after exercising and do it every day to keep them healthy.

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