How to Safely Remove Eyelash Glue and Extensions

False eyelashes can add great drama to your look by making your eyelashes appear longer and more voluminous. However, it is important to know how to safely remove them when the time comes. The most common method is to use coconut oil or olive oil to break the adhesive for the eyelashes. That said, it's always best to have your lashes removed by a professional to avoid any damage to your natural lashes.

Professionals use a special remover designed to soften the adhesive bond. You can also try to remove the eyelash glue with a makeup remover, including wipes. Once natural eyelashes are damaged, it can take several months for them to grow back to their original length and thickness. To soften the adhesive, you can use a cotton swab or cotton swab soaked in a good quality makeup remover, such as the Dermalogica Soothing Eye Remover or the RCMA Adklen Adhesive Remover.

In addition, my article on eyelash serums with eyelash extensions is an excellent read if you want longer natural eyelashes and keep your extensions. By doing so, you soften the eyelash glue and also remove any persistent dirt or bacteria particles that haven't been removed during the makeup removal process. Oils are known to break down the adhesive used when applying eyelash extensions and, therefore, causing poor retention of the extensions. If you've had your false eyelashes recently but want to remove them at home, there are things you should know before trying to do so.

First, depending on the type of remover you use, the risks to your eyes, eyelashes, and skin may change. Simply soak a cotton pad with the glue remover and apply it to your eyelashes, but be careful to get too close to your eyes. Learning to put them on properly takes practice, but removing eyelash glue to remove them isn't that complicated. Now that you've learned how to remove eyelash glue from clothes, the next question that will arise is about taking care of false eyelashes. The next day I went to another salon and they removed them, but since the glue was so close to my eyes, the lady mentioned that she couldn't put the product so close, so I still have bits of glue on my eyelashes.

In addition, always remember that your choice of eyelash glue also influences how frantic it is to remove them. If you're wondering how to remove eyelash glue while using eyelash extensions, check out these tips: use coconut oil or olive oil; use a cotton swab soaked in a good quality makeup remover; use a special remover designed for softening adhesive bonds; use a makeup remover including wipes; and be careful not to get too close to your eyes when using any type of remover.

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