What Are the Characteristics of Round Eyes?

Round eyes are a characteristic controlled by recessive alleles, while almond-shaped eyes are a dominant trait. This means that if one or both of the parents have almond-shaped eyes, the baby is likely to have them too. However, there is much more to the windows of a person's soul than just form. The eyes may be sunken, hooded, protruding, up, down, closed, or wide.

Eye color is mainly influenced by two genes, with smaller contributions from several others. People with light eyes tend to carry recessive alleles of the main genes; people with dark eyes tend to carry dominant alleles. In Scandinavia, for example, most people have clear eyes, and the recessive alleles of these genes are much more common here than the dominant ones. Eyebrows are photo frames that show the charming shades of blue, green, gray and brown in a person's bright eyes.

While geneticists have been able to find specific genes that determine certain factors such as eye color and hair color, height isn't that simple. If the parents have dark hair and full eyelashes, the baby is most likely a girl with beautiful eyelashes without having to blink. It is important to note that genetics plays an important role in determining eye shape and color. However, environmental factors can also influence these characteristics. For example, exposure to sunlight can cause eye color to change over time.

Additionally, certain medical conditions can affect eye shape and color.

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