Is a Lash Lift Safe and Healthy for Your Lashes?

If you're looking to take care of damaged eyelashes so they can recover their health, the good news is that a lash lift can help. With a lift, you can avoid all that and let your eyelashes grow long and strong. While dryness is common to all people after an eyelash lift, some women find that their eyelashes are brittle and break. Brittle eyelashes are the result of the reconstruction solution left on the eyelashes for too long. The lashes become brittle and break completely, leaving sparse stems instead of the delicious lashes you expected.

The keratin eyelash lift will be done by a beautician or an eyelash specialist (I had mine done by Tina at Envious Lashes). Then, a solution will be applied that partially breaks the joints of the eyelashes, allowing the eyelashes to take any shape; usually, it is the curl of the silicone pad on the eyelid. The eyelash lift is now the ideal treatment for all those who prefer the natural look and subtle beauty. There wasn't a single eyelash treatment before the eyelash lift that would provide such natural results in such a safe way. They know what they are doing and are personally concerned to ensure that your eyelashes remain safe and risk-free for a long time after the procedure is finished.

That was until a beautician told me about keratin eyelash lifts (often referred to as “eyelash perm”), a service that lifts, lengthens and curls natural lashes without damaging them. It's very easy not to accidentally follow aftercare (rubbing your eyes, sleeping on your back, exercising, putting water on your eyelashes), all of these are things that could ruin any eyelash lift if done within 24 hours after the procedure. My bare eyelashes look exactly the same as when I left Envious Lashes a month ago, although I use mascara when looking for a more glamorous look. An eyelash lift is basically a perm that provides a duration of weeks to lift and curl eyelashes without having to ruin tools, curlers and false eyelashes. I know, the idea of getting a perm comes straight from the 80s, but that's the exact concept behind eyelash lifting.

Hair, including eyelashes, is made of keratin, which means that this formula is intended to help protect the integrity of the eyelashes during treatment. Eyelash tints and eyelash lifts are separate services, but some experts suggest doing them at the same time. An Australian woman now has permanently drained eyelashes and watery eyes because an inexperienced eyelash technician left the solutions in her eyes for too long. But the most important thing is to research your eyelash studio and your beautician, looking for eyelash artists who are licensed, not just certified. Normally there should be no redness or burning in the eyes after the eyelash lift; you should ask your eyelash stylist what product they used, as it could be too aggressive to the skin and eyes. Eyelash serums like UKlash are often recommended by salons that perform eyelash lifts, as they make the results incredibly dramatic, thanks to the extra length they add.

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