How to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions

False eyelashes and extensions are a great way to change up your look, but when it's time to take them off, it can be a tricky process. Nail polish remover and acetone are two substances that can be used to remove glue from eyelashes, but it's important to use caution when doing so. A dry microbrush can be used under the extensions, with a small amount of remover on it, and petroleum jelly or olive or castor oil can be used to remove any residue. If you don't have time to fill in your eyelashes or you want to change your style, you can also visit a salon for removal.

Dissolve Adhesive Gel Remover is a gel or cream remover that is applied with a cotton brush or cotton swab to eyelash extensions. Cold cream is also an effective way to remove all eye makeup, including WP. Before taking off your eyelash extensions, make sure to take off all your makeup so you can see where your eyelashes end and where your extensions begin. When removing eyelash extensions, it's important to use caution and follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to keep your eye closed and don't use too much remover so it won't come into contact with your eye.

Gently apply a small amount of nail polish remover to the stain with a clean sponge or white cloth if the fabric is washable. Wait before applying more lashes since the remover is quite oily, as new eyelashes will not be able to adhere properly.

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