Do Long Eyelashes Make You Look Prettier?

Long eyelashes can be a great way to highlight the beauty of your eyes and make you look more attractive. A study involving 130 university students found that eyelashes are one of the most attractive features of the human body. The results of the study showed that while long eyelashes are more attractive than very short ones, they are not necessarily more attractive than very long eyelashes. Historically, eyelashes have been associated with chastity, with some believing that women's eyelashes would fall out if they had too much sex.

However, scientists now believe that the main purpose of eyelashes is to diffuse airflow and protect the eyeball from drying out. They also help to emphasize the sclera and limbal ring, which can indicate health and youth. A previous study suggests that the main function of the eyelashes is related to the tear duct system, which “provides a thin layer composed of mucus, oil and water to lubricate the eyelid, moisturize the cornea and remove particles deposited in the eye”. Excessive eyelash loss can be an indication of an autoimmune disorder, which can have a negative effect on fertility.

The authors of the study state that “while eyelashes of an optimal proportion are generally considered more attractive, this preference is not only a biologically adaptive phenomenon, but is influenced by cultural norms”. Recent research has also suggested that long eyelashes create an illusion of wide eyes and gazing eyes, which can be attractive to people. In conclusion, long eyelashes can make you look more attractive and draw people's attention. However, it is important to remember that beauty is subjective and what one person finds attractive may not be attractive to another person.

Armando Dunivan
Armando Dunivan

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