Understanding the Natural Lash Cycle

The natural lash cycle is a process that takes between four and eleven months to complete. Our eyelashes, like our hair, go through three stages of growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. On average, each eye has between 90 and 120 natural eyelashes and sheds 2 to 5 eyelashes a day. It's important to understand the lash cycle in order to understand why fillers are needed.

The eyelash growth cycle applies to both upper and lower eyelashes. On average, we lose about five natural eyelashes every day. This is considered to be a normal and healthy loss of eyelashes. The protective function of eyelashes has been studied, and it has been found that they play an aerodynamic role in vivo.

Another reason why your eyelashes don't grow as fast could be that you've been using old products that pull eyelashes out of the hair follicle, such as an eyelash curler. Attempts at eyelash extensions date back to the 1800s, when women experimented with sticking their eyelashes to the lash line. You should avoid placing synthetic eyelashes at this stage of the eyelashes, since they will not have much durability left, which will cause the extension eyelashes to fall out quickly. I studied the eyelashes on the lower eyelid of women and found that the curvature of the eyelashes on the medial and central parts of the eyelid increased with age, while those on the lateral side remained in the same direction.

To solve the problem of eyelash loss, be sure to change the eyelash curler pads every three months. The ingredients used in the eyelash serum strengthen the eyelashes and make them grow longer and fuller. In addition, apply a thin layer of the eyelash serum to the top line of the eyelashes, just as you would if you were applying an eyeliner. Its mode of action is to prolong the anagen phase of the eyelash life cycle, resulting in an increase in the length, thickness and pigmentation of the lashes.

You can also let yourself grow a full set of lashes every two months. The best way I've found to prevent lash loss is to clean them with warm water and rub them gently with a cleanser. The increase in research on lashes will undoubtedly improve the effectiveness of ECP interventions on lash abnormalities. This means that when your lashes complete all three stages of growth, they will naturally fall out as fresh lashes grow.

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