Can You Fall Asleep During Eyelash Extensions?

I tried my best to create a calming atmosphere, and it was a success. Customers usually don't mind the waiting time when it comes to eyelash extensions. The worst thing is when they keep staring at you. Yesterday morning, I was shocked to find out that I had dozed off in the middle of the procedure.

Most eyelash technicians will advise their clients to sleep on their back in order to prevent the extensions from being pulled or removed while sleeping. Experts suggest making some changes to your daily routine, such as using a silk pillowcase, drying your eyelashes after getting them wet (including tears), and avoiding touching them once you've applied mascara (unless it's with a brush or eyelash coil). Adding a few individual lashes along with makeup for the right eye can make a huge difference in achieving a natural look. Additionally, makeup, oil, sweat, dust and pollution can form a barrier between the eyelash and the extension, which will eventually cause the adhesive to break and lead to premature detachment of the eyelash extension.

Your nighttime skincare routine and sleeping habits can have an impact on how long your eyelash extensions last. Most pillowcases (especially cotton) and blankets have loose fibers that can damage your lashes. Doing these things will help you get a good night's sleep and wake up with your lashes in perfect condition. It is highly recommended to go to the bathroom just before your appointment to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

This means that when you answer calls or respond to texts during the procedure, the application process slows down significantly. It doesn't tug on the extensions, and lashes are more likely to slide to one side instead of folding or flattening when pressed against silk. Not all tabs are created equal. Depending on your eye shape or the look you want for your lashes, it's best to talk to your technician about what style will work best for you.

In addition, pressing your face against the pillow can flatten eyelash extensions, deform your natural curl, or affect the bonding of the glue.

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