Do Eyelashes Make You Look More Feminine?

It is a widely accepted notion that long eyelashes are a symbol of femininity. Women with long eyelashes that frame their eyes are often perceived as more attractive and youthful. Eyelashes evolved to protect our delicate eyes from dirt and other foreign particles, and their length is associated with femininity and youth. On the other hand, the absence of healthy eyelashes can be a sign of certain diseases, disorders, and congenital conditions.

In addition to being a sign of health, eyelashes can also be used to draw positive conclusions about a person's personality, charisma, kindness, and compassion. For example, the only facial difference between Disney's Robin Hood and his female counterpart Maid Marian was his black, fluttering eyelashes. This goes to show that even in the absence of long eyelashes, people can still be seen as attractive. Research has shown that eyelashes can affect social interaction.

However, it is important to note that there is no set pattern as to who has dense eyelashes and who has sparse eyelashes. Furthermore, recent research suggests that long eyelashes create an illusion of wide eyes and gazing eyes. It is also important to recognize that eyelashes are just one feature that affects the perception of age and attractiveness. Even so, they have become one of the few types of female body hair that is seen as desirable.

Some scientists believe that if eyelashes have any real function, it is to diffuse airflow that could threaten to dry out the eyeball. Additionally, their length is generally determined in relation to the size of the eyeball itself and not to the gender of the mammal to which they belong. One study showed that eyelash augmentation benefited older women rather than younger women, who were already perceived as more attractive and healthy. Additionally, some people have reported that using Tretinoin and Minoxidil on their eyebrows for a few months made their eyelashes extremely long and feminine.

Armando Dunivan
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