Everything You Need to Know About Lash Shedding Season

Do you know how long lash shedding season lasts? It's a common question among those who wear eyelash extensions. The truth is, the shedding usually lasts about 1 to 2 eyelash cycles (about 6 weeks) before things return to normal. On average, we lose about five natural eyelashes every day. In a week, that adds up to 35 eyelashes (that is, approximately 20% of the eyelash extensions in a set).

This is considered a normal and healthy loss of eyelashes. Eyelash loss refers to the increase in eyelash loss that some people experience during the change of season. For example, hot summer weather can cause people to sweat and produce more oil, affecting eyelash retention. Similarly, the low humidity levels of winter weather can dry out the skin and make eyelashes fall out more easily.

In a typical cycle, eyelashes grow, shed, and replace themselves every six to 10 weeks. However, during spring and fall, this can increase dramatically in response to changes in temperature.

Eyelash extensions

are often easier to detect when they come off, which can be alarming for people who aren't familiar with the natural eyelash cycle. While it won't prevent eyelashes from falling out, a sealant will extend the life of the adhesive and keep the extensions in place for longer.

During lash shedding season, you may need to apply fillers more often than usual. But don't worry - this shouldn't last long. You can reassure your customers by explaining what the eyelash loss season is and emphasizing that excessive shedding is completely natural at certain times of the year. Adding weight or stress to these tiny baby eyelashes can suppress the eyelash growth cycle in the future.

For example, if you notice that your lash line starts to look less full about three weeks after your appointment, be sure to book your refill just before. You can also mention that it's incredibly useful for treating increased shedding of eyelash extensions during the shedding season. Another key thing to remember when experiencing the eyelash loss cycle is to keep your eyelash extensions clean. We recommend the Revitalash eyelash growth serum for customers who want to lend a hand to their eyelashes.

You should avoid placing synthetic eyelashes at this stage of the eyelashes, since they will not have much durability left, which will cause the extension eyelashes to fall out quickly. That's because natural eyelashes tend to be much thinner than eyelash extensions, so we're less likely to notice that they're stretched out when they fall out. Nor can we stress how important it is for your customers to wash their eyelash extensions daily at home with a foaming cleanser.

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