Should I Get a Lash Lift Before Extensions?

If you're looking to get eyelash extensions, it's best to get a lash lift and dye before you do. This will create a natural curl in your lashes, making them fit better with the extensions. It's also the safest way to ensure your lashes don't get overprocessed. You should wait at least two days between the lash lift and extensions, and rinse your lashes after 24 hours for best results.

Eyelash extensions are a long process that requires gluing synthetic fibers to each individual lash. To ensure maximum eyelash health, use a serum that won't damage the extensions. It's important to do this whether you use extensions regularly or not. Eyelash lifts, or eyelash perms, are another great option for those looking for fuller, denser lashes without the hassle of extensions.

This treatment involves applying a chemical solution to the lashes to keep them curled. It's safe to have an eyelash lift every 13 weeks and it won't have any adverse effect on eyelash growth. Plus, your lashes will feel moisturized and nourished even after the perm. When you get an eyelash lift and dye, your lashes will be curled and dyed, giving you longer, darker and curlier lashes.

You should avoid applying creams or cleansers around the eyes, mascara and activities that leave moisture for 24 hours after the treatment. The results of an eyelash lift can last 4-6 weeks depending on aftercare and eyelash growth cycle.

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